30 Years In Weimaraners. . .

Joe and I have enjoyed Weimaraners in small numbers for thirty years now. We wanted to share a little bit about our history.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Photo's of Buddy

Buddy always kept on eye on the kids when they were out playing, in fact, he use to grab our arms and pull us off the sleds in the winter time if we were laughing too much, he couldn't understand us sliding down the hill and not being in trouble.
Buddy went traveling with Joe and I the first time I took him to Colorado to meet my siblings. We camped at KOA campgrounds and slept in the back of the old station wagon, Joe, I and Buddy. It was the only time he was allowed to sleep with us, normally his place was on a rug on the floor next to Joe's side of the bed.

Buddy loved playing in the snow in Burnsville, in fact he is buried not far from where this picture was taken when he met his untimely death at age 11 with a run in with a car in the wee hours of the morning. The kids were being picked up by their maternal grandmother and he went outside with them, and unfortunately followed their car to the highway before we realized it. It was a heart break for Joe and David especially, and we all missed him terribly.

His loss led us to search out another dog. . . leading us to the beginning of dog competition, which continues to this day.
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Count Paysinger II aka Buddy

Buddy was Joe's Weimaraner when we met back in the early 1970's.
Buddy was a great friend and companion to Joe's children, Mandy and David, but was all Joe's dog really. He would quietly move from room to room to keep an eye on his "person". Buddy was there thru good and bad times, keeping Joe safe. Buddy and I became good friends too, I started taking him for walks and feeding him, soon he treated me like a member of the family also. Buddy was a little "sharper" with strangers than our Weims today, but a better babysitter for the children you could not find.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ch Skytop's Misty Blue CD, TD, NSD, NRD, VX, BROM

Lightfoot Weimaraners began on August 8, 1980 when Skytop's Misty Blue joined our family. Misty's breeder, Helen Remaley, was very supportive of novice owners to the world of competitive dog events, even though Joe was going to hunt and Debbie was going to do obedience. It is still an ongoing joke between us as the first thing we did was show Misty in the conformation ring.
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