30 Years In Weimaraners. . .

Joe and I have enjoyed Weimaraners in small numbers for thirty years now. We wanted to share a little bit about our history.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Count Paysinger II aka Buddy

Buddy was Joe's Weimaraner when we met back in the early 1970's.
Buddy was a great friend and companion to Joe's children, Mandy and David, but was all Joe's dog really. He would quietly move from room to room to keep an eye on his "person". Buddy was there thru good and bad times, keeping Joe safe. Buddy and I became good friends too, I started taking him for walks and feeding him, soon he treated me like a member of the family also. Buddy was a little "sharper" with strangers than our Weims today, but a better babysitter for the children you could not find.
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